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About Us

TEMCO, accessories for mobile phones and tablets

Own brand wholesaler

Our company - Temco

·Own offices in china: Department of quality and Design and Innovation to offer the most innovative and competitive products.

·Product processing: The manufacturing of the products is directed, strict quality controls are carried out and distributed from the headquarters in Spain.

·Chinese market prices: We have highly competitive prices in the market.

·Distribution: Online store and 8 branches / warehouses distributed throughout Spain.

·Exclusiveness: Only to wholesalers, stores, companies and freelancers in the sector.

·Products: Cables and chargers for mobile, phones and tablets, adapters, speakers, phone cases, tablet cases, headphones, headphones and hands-free, external batteries, screen protectors, computer accessories and electronics products.

·Additional mark: We are also exclusive distributors for Spain of “GENAI”, consolidated brand in the top positions of the Chinese market.

Our team and our history

Our team - Temco

We created the TEMCO brand 10 years ago due to the high and rapid evolution of technology and its great demand. Our parent company has been operating for more than 20 years and during this time it has expanded to have the 8 delegations we currently have in Spain. Our current project is born from the objective of unifying all our delegations under our own brand, that is when TEMCO was born.

The history of our company and our brand encompasses 2 generations of our family who have worked and evolved to gain a foothold in the technology market in Spain, all based on hard work, knowledge of the sector and the market (both in China as in Spain) and the continuous development and research to get the best products at the most competitive prices.

·The 1st generation was the one that laid the foundation of the parent company thanks to its extensive knowledge of the market in China and is the one that has expanded and established the 8 delegations throughout the Spanish territory.

·The 2nd generation is the one currently in charge of TEMCO and is responsible for its expansion and growth with great knowledge of the Spanish market.

The objective from the beginning has always been to offer quality products from the other “world” to this “world”, serving as a filter and link. With our TEMCO brand we have achieved the union between the two worlds.

It is well known by all that the technological world (innovation, manufacturing and development) is developing and producing in the Chinese city of Shenzhen, renowned and lesser known brands come there and we know it in depth and operate from that technological core.

The motto of our group is to offer the best quality in our products by means of exhaustive controls and own monitoring from the manufacture to the shipment, and to obtain the most adjusted possible prices. With a team that works every day to give the best of each of us, offering a high quality customer service and commercial support and attending with the utmost professionalism all the needs of our customers.

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